Regarding fitness, women are more often than not confused because of what they read in the internet, what people say and society’s expectations of what a woman should look like. No wonder they’re torn between lifting weights, doing aerobics, zumba or cardio of any sort.

The fitness industry and in particular the weight loss segment of the industry employs unethical hard-nosed tactics that pray on the insecurities of women. They try to convince them that they don’t look good enough and promise unrealistic results that can be achieved effortlessly through their latest pill or some ground-breaking new gadget. The goal of majority of the fitness industry geared towards such information is to sell you something by using your emotional triggers to buy their stuff. Don’t fall for their tricks!

The goal of this article is to point out the mistakes women make in the gym and make them better informed to help them in their fitness journeys. Without further ado, let’s begin:

1. Fear of getting “Too Big”

Women always play the age-old “I don’t want to get big” card whenever lifting weights is concerned. The fact is women aren’t biologically programmed to be jacked like men. Muscles don’t grow out of thin air. Just because you’re lifting weights doesn’t mean muscles will just start sprouting from your whole body. So, stop it with the delicate flower thing and go lift some heavy weights.

2. Too much Cardio

When a woman decides to “get in shape”, she often gravitates towards heavy cardio routines and shy away from strength training exercises. Women believe in the myth that the more cardio they do, the better they’ll look. WRONG! And I’ll tell you why. Have you ever seen a marathon runner with a really good body? Probably not. They’re either skinny or have a body with very few curves. Ditch the long hours of cardio! Lift some heavy weights, eat a healthy diet, be consistent and see how this will help you “Get in Shape”.

3. Want to get “Toned”

Well-meaning women talk about how they don’t want to get bulky and just want to get “toned” because of the fact that infomercials, fitness products and the media perpetuated the term and targeted that at women. Well, here’s the truth: Toning doesn’t mean anything. Let that sink in ladies. I’ll make it easier for you to understand:

  •  You can’t “tone” muscle – You can build muscle. You can lose muscle. Or it can stay the same
  •  You can’t “tone” fat – You can gain fat. You can lose fat. But you can’t “tone” fat

The “toned” look that people describe is a result of building muscle and losing fat. Also, the word you are looking for is not “toned”. It’s called Lean. So let’s dissolve the term “tone”.

4. Fear of Making an Ugly Face

We all take a little pride in our appearance but there’s a time and place for that. If you’re applying makeup and straightening your hair to go to the gym then you simply aren’t taking it seriously. Too many women just don’t get down and dirty. When you’re lifting weights, you shouldn’t be able to maintain the same facial expression as when you’re getting a mani-pedi. We go to the gym to better ourselves and push ourselves as hard as we can. That means by the end you should be red faced, out of breadth, soaking in sweat and a total mess.

5. Obsession with Abs

People are obsessed with abs. They believe that they can get rid of their waistline and their muffin top (love handles) by desperately working out their abdominals. WRONG! Let’s get the facts straight.

  1.  You can’t spot reduce fat
  2.  We all have a six pack under the layer of fat. This is why you can see abs on skinny people. It’s not because they’ve been doing crunches every day. It’s because they have don’t have body fat in that area and so their natural six pack abs shows.

So, doing a 100 crunches every day will not get you chiselled washboard abs. It will waste your time and energy though. So instead of dedicating half of your workout on abs, spend that time building the overall muscle and burning calories.

Bottom Line

It takes more than just touching a dumbbell to get hulking muscles but hard work will go a long way towards sculpting the body you want. So don’t be shy ladies. Hit the Gym and lift some weights!


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