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  • Weight loss and Food: What’s real and what’s not

    Nutrition is the single most important thing for weight loss but due to the different myths surrounding it, people can’t differentiate real information from the fake.

  • Stepping on the Scale

    Weighing yourself is important because it shows you if things are working or not. You need to weight yourself regularly to ensure that what you’re doing is actually working. If your weight isn’t moving in the direction of your goal, that’s a pretty good sign that your diet/workout isn’t working and needs to be adjusted.

  • The Big Fat Truth

    The right kind of fats eaten in moderation provide a number of health benefits and can even contribute to weight control by helping you feel full longer because fat digests slower than other macronutrients i.e. carbohydrates and protein.

  • Squats – Everything you should know

    Squats are one of the best exercises for building muscle, losing fat or getting in shape as it works almost every muscle in your body and helps maintain flexibility,balance, prevent injuries and improve performance.

  • Protein – The Key to Muscle

    If you’re putting in the hours in the gym, lifting barbell after dumbbell after weights, it’s only natural to expect bigger and stronger muscles. But, if you’re not making the same effort in the kitchen to ensure you’re eating the right foods to support your workout, the effect of your exercise won’t be optimal. By the right food, I mean protein which is essential for repairing, rebuilding damaged muscles, improving body function and helping you feel fuller longer which reduces the likelihood of you turning to sweet or fatty snacks to fill a hole.


    Women are scared of lifting weights because of the myths that have been propagated by the media. It takes more than just touching a dumbbell to get hulking muscles but hard work will go a long way towards sculpting the body you want.

  • Fitness Resolutioners

    Transform yourself this year and improve your fitness lifestyle by being S.M.A.R.T with goal setting, changing your mentality and being consistent.

  • Exercise without Exercising

    Find a way to exercise every day so that it can keep you thinking healthy by doing activities that you like to do, that are fun for you and that doesn’t feel like exercising


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